Total Winding Supplies AaLadin Central

Total Winding Supplies is proud to be and Elite AaLadin Distributor.  AaLadin Cleaning Systems provide exceptional value with industry leading features in their Pressure Washers.  This family owned company makes all of their pressure washers in the U.S.A and include many exclusive and unique features.

Patented Eco-Green Technology

  • Cut your Fuel Costs up to 40% with this Exclusive Feature
  • Save money and clean more with the Eco-Green Exchange Technology
  • The only pressure washer on the market that can pay for itself in fuel savings

Exclusive Flat-Free Swivel Wheels

  • Exclusive Flat-Free Wheels mean never searching for your air compressor before using your pressure washer again
  • Exclusive Swivel wheels increase mobility and eases the aches and pains associated with moving heavy equipment 

Visit the AaLadin Central Showroom at Total Winding Supplies and see these exclusive features

Clutch Driven Pump

  • AaLadin uses a clutch driven pump system that extends pump life up to 70%
  • This reliable clutch system uses a micro switch to instantly turn the pump on and off when the trigger is pulled

AaLadin Pressure Washers

  • Family Owned
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Exclusive features set AaLadin apart from the rest